The Forum is mainly aimed at promoting Turkish and Africa investments through analyzing trade and economic relations between Africa and Türkiye; evaluating Türkiye’s approach to investment in Africa; facilitating interaction between the two business communities and initiating dialogue between Turkish investors, the AU and the RECs. It is also aimed at highlighting the Expectations engendered by Agenda 2063 as a program for social, economic and political transformation that will make Africa a prosperous, united and economically independent Continent.

The objectives of The Forum are:

  • Raising the awareness of Turkish/Africa business circles about the investment and business opportunities in Africa and Türkiye;
  • Raising awareness on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and its reflections for public and private sector;
  • Identifying possible future directions for Türkiye-Africa partnership within the trade, investments, technology and logistics nexus;
  • Channeling private sector of Türkiye and of African countries towards commercial, industrial and technological partnerships;
  • Increasing interaction among the business communities of Türkiye and Africa;
  • Strengthening dialogue platform with African Regional Economic Communities.